Holding children’s birthday parties at Escape Hour

The birthday party of a child is a special day, and parents always want to make it an enjoyable experience. Games are an integral party of every birthday party. Increasingly parents in Edmonton are opting to celebrate the event by booking an escape room so that their child and his friends can play escape games together, making it an enjoyable event. Tripadvisor’s top rated escape rooms in Edmonton Escape Hour allows parents to host their child’s birthday parties in their escape rooms, and has several options which make it convenient for the parent.

One of the most convenient feature for holding the birthday part at escape hour, is that the parent or other adult can be present in the locker room at no additional cost. While the minimum age for the action escape game Five Lives is eighteen, for any other quest room in Edmonton, children who are nine years or older can play the escape game. So the children can choose between different escape games, like the senator’s battle, Bank heist, Five elements and the game based on the movie Matrix. In comparison, the minimum age for many of the escape games at Calgary Escape Hour is higher.

The parents organizing the escape room birthday party should check the theme of each of the escape games at Escape Hour, understand the story line. It is advisable to explain the various themes of the escape games to the birthday boy or girl, and ask them which escape game, they would like to play. There are also apps available with the escape games, and the parent and child can play the escape games using the software to decide which one they are more interested in. The rules of the escape game should also be specified to the child, so that no time is wasted later.

Another aspect which should be finalized before the escape room birthday party is the number of children who will participate in the escape game. Usually the escape rooms have a limited capacity and can accommodate 8, 9 or 16 players at a time. So when organizing the party the child should be asked to choose their best friends, who will be invited to the party. It is also important to get a confirmation from the parents of the child’s friends that they will attend the escape room party, so that suitable arrangements can be made to ensure that they reach the party venue at the scheduled time.