The Toilet Was Clogged with a Toy

It is not too often when something happens at the house that cannot be taken care of by my husband or myself. He was gone on a ten day business trip when the toilet got clogged. I have never been handy at even basic plumbing fixes because that is something he has always done. I was not going to have just one bathroom for me and my four children to use until he got home though, and I knew that he could not talk me through how to fix it. Instead, I did a search for plumbers in Townsville.

I knew that I would be able to find a plumber, but I was not ready to just settle for the first one I came across. I wanted to find the best one who would also give me a great price. I figured it would not take long to get a clogged toilet fixed. I was thinking that one of my toddlers put a toy in there and flushed it down, making it stuck somewhere. I knew that I was not the only house in the area to have kids who did this, so I looked at reviews of people who have used local plumbers.

When I saw one that had all good reviews for both the quality of the work as well as the expediency and price, I knew that it was the one for me. I called, and I was very happy when I was told that the plumber would be dispatched within the hour. When he got there, it truly was an easy fix. He was able to use his equipment to get the small plastic toy out of the toilet, and he even gave me some tips on what to do if the kids do it again. Now that is what I call quality service!