The Best of the Bunch

Finding someone who could perform secretarial services in Singapore was a hard task for me at first, because I was looking in the wrong places. I hired one secretary because of a suggestion from a relative, but she turned out to be the worst one. The next secretary I hired was from an interview, and things seemed well with her, but once she settled into the job, she became bad at it. After that, I hired another one from an interview, but her attitude changed and she became nasty to anyone, including our clients. She was costing us money, so she had to be fired. Luckily I was able to get a good secretary from a company that I found.

I was searching around online one day and found out that there was a company that specializes in secretaries that you can hire to work for you. I was interested, but after the previous secretaries that I hired, I wanted to make sure that the person that I hired would be good at their job and would have a professional attitude. I did some research and other people who hired from this company liked the secretaries that they received, so I decided to go with them.

The new secretary that I hired from the company turned out to be the best one that I’ve ever encountered. She did her job quite well and had a good attitude with everyone in the office and outside the office. I never had any problems with her, and productivity in the office actually went up with her around. I wouldn’t mind finding some more people to replace some of the other staff that are working in the office. Some of them don’t really take their job seriously and probably should have been fired a long time ago.