The Accountants Are Not Happy at All

It has been sort of crazy around the office. Of course the accountants were on the war path about Ed. They had known that he was up to bad things, but of course he was up to bad things on behalf of the company’s bottom line so far as he is concerned. Guys like him take clients to strip clubs all of the time, so he did not really see the difference between that and paying for a really fine Latina escort in Salt Lake City. I was involved in figuring out what was going on, so I had to look at the pictures myself. It was not like any of the guys up the stairs cared about the morality of paying this girl to get super freaky with one of our clients. Ed would have been in real trouble if he had paid for this and had not been able to close the deal. The thing that they want to know is if they can get away with it and if the IRS is going to be really mad if they figure out what is going on.

At any rate we told Ed that he could not do it any more, but I think that they are going to try to develop some way to do stuff like this off of the books. Or at least they want to find a way to make it look like it is something that is a whole lot nicer than it is in the real world. We are not the Vatican after all, but we are not interested in going to jail or worse yet losing our jobs and our corner offices. So if we do this sort of thing in the future we are going to make sure up front we do not get caught.