A Little Intelligence Goes a Long Way

The life of a president of a large company is harder than I thought it would be. When I was just a little kid, I used to look at all of the people who ran those kinds of companies and thought that they had the easiest jobs in the world. I was mistaken, because once I became president, I was faced with a lot of duties and decisions to help the company continue and grow. I had to use a bit of business intelligence to figure out the best decisions that would work for the company and avoid putting us into a situation of money loss.

Since I was new at being president, I had a lot to prove. I wanted to keep my job and show everyone that I was the perfect man for the job, rather than someone who just got hired because they knew other people at the top. I’m fairly young for someone who works in my position, so sometimes other people misjudge me and mention that I’m probably related to someone who works for the company or did some kind of special favor to get into my position. I had to put in a lot of hard work and sweat to get where I am today.

The information that I was able to receive from the company that I hired to provide intelligence really helped out, because it helped the company to see better numbers than the previous year. An improvement in the numbers means that the company as a whole has generated more profit, which means more money for the employees, new job opportunities for those who are already at the company and for those who want to be hired by the company, and a chance for more expansion to happen. I would like the company to have branches in every continent.