A Christmas Party for Families

The last two companies I worked for always had a Christmas banquet for all the employees. We were each allowed to bring one guest, as long as that guest was over the age of 18. While those parties were nice, it would have been more fun if all employees could have brought their families, including the children. Christmas is just a magical time of year, and it would have been nice for the company to spring for our kids too. With the company I am working for now, they take Christmas entertainment very seriously. And, they include the entire family of each employee too.

In fact, one employee here has eight children, and they are treated just as equally as the family who has just one child. With the Christmas banquet, I was not sure what to expect until I actually went to my first one. First off, there was no alcohol served. That was not missed though because of all the fun that we were in for! They had so much going on, but it was not overwhelming. It was just hours of fun for all of us.

There were acrobats dressed as elves, and there were dancers dressed as Christmas ornaments. The magicians went around and entertained all the tables with optical illusions and sleight of hand tricks. Singers were crooning out old Christmas favorites in between sets of oldies and modern music. There were games for the kids, excellent food for everyone, and even a gift for everyone in attendance. The owners spared no expenses when it came to celebrating Christmas with their workers, and I have come to realize that they consider all of us family. It truly was a magical time, and the kids said it felt like they were actually at Santa’s village. It just does not get any better than that!