The Pimple Goes Away Quickly

I work as a freelance model and I get a lot of gigs from people who want to have me pose for various things. Sometimes I get to pose for magazines, other times I pose for posters and billboards. Before an important gig, I had a bad looking pimple appear on my face. I thought about using some makeup to cover it up, but it was much too big for that. I knew that there was nothing I could do to get rid of it, so I had to turn to an aesthetic clinic in Singapore, as they were the only ones who could remove a pimple quickly before the gig.

The clinic had just the treatment for me. They had a skin care technique that could shrink the pimple to the point where it was unnoticeable the next day. I was counting on them, because I didn’t want to go to my gig with a big pimple on my face. Chances are that I wouldn’t have gotten fired from the gig, but it would have really made things look bad for my face. The artists who go over the photos of me would have probably edited that out, but it would have made my picture look less natural, and I would prefer to look as natural as possible.

The day after getting the treatment done, my pimple was completely gone. I got dressed and went to my modeling gig. The photographer complimented me on how wonderful I looked and couldn’t even believe that the day before I had a big pimple on my face. He wanted to know how I got it removed because he had some annoying pimples that he wanted to go away. That’s when I told him about the clinic and he made an appointment for the next day.