Six signs that your cat is not your biggest fan

Cats can be funny creatures, and they all have their own personalities. They have very set ideas of whom they like and don’t, and if they don’t like you, they’ll quickly show you in one of these six ways.

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1. Biting

Kittens might bite you gently while teething, but if an adult bites you, it’s a clear sign of resentment. A fully-grown cat that bites you is showing its displeasure. It is best to walk away rather than push the issue; cat bites can be very dangerous because their mouths are filled with bacteria.

2. Walking Away

Chronic disinterest is a sign that your cat doesn’t want to know you. Cats like to have their own space and relax in peace, and if you try and pet them or play with them while they do this, they may well stalk off. If you start playing and they are purring, be warned; purring isn’t always a happy sound.

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3. Not Using the Litter Box

The placement of the litter box may be annoying them, or they might not feel secure in it. If they defecate outside the box, they may have a urinary tract issue or be constipated. However, if you have recently moved the litter box to a different spot, there is a good chance your cat is unhappy with the new location or feels threatened.

4. Hissing

If your cat hisses at you, you’re better off getting Cat Lap Trays from and indulging your feline fix that way. Hissing is a sign that a cat is highly unhappy, and it can be hard to mend the situation.

5. They Like Everyone Else But You

This may mean that you’ve done something to annoy them. Give them some space; ensure they have clean litter, fresh water and tasty food; and gain their trust slowly. Try not to overcrowd them, and don’t cuddle them unless they come to you and demand affection.

6. Swatting

If you try to pet your cat and it swats you, listen to it. It is saying no! A swat is often followed by a bite, and it is a bit like a dog’s growl in telling you to leave them alone. Keep your distance for awhile, then see if you can gain their trust.