Style inspiration for dressing in your twenties

You will have a lot of questions in your twenties. You will think about whether you are ever going to pay off your student loan, whether you will make it onto the housing ladder, and why you sank quite so many shots last night as you heat up a slice of the pizza you picked up on your way home.

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Excitingly, your twenties are also the time to experiment. Although we can’t give you advice that will cover everything you will experience on your journey to the big 3-0, here are some fashion tips that you might find handy along the way.

Keep up with trends

But only to a point! Although youth means that you can pull off most things, it is important to feel comfortable in what you are wearing. If a trend comes along that doesn’t feel like you, don’t wear it. Choosing pieces that you genuinely love, want to wear and that reflects your personality will make you look much cooler than trying to pull off something that just isn’t right for you.

If you are looking for some trend inspiration, magazines such as GQ have you covered.

Invest in good-quality items

Although it might be tempting to pack your wardrobe with an array of options, remembering the phrase ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ will save you money in the long run. While it is totally OK to stick with affordable loungewear, parting with a bit more cash for a piece you know you are going to wear a lot will ensure you get to enjoy it for much longer.

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Farah shirts from stockists such as are just one example of garments that will be core pieces in your wardrobe for a long time. Having to throw away a wardrobe favourite is always heartbreaking, so avoid this as much as possible!

Have fun

Have you ever looked back at pictures and cringed at some of your fashion choices? You will probably feel the same way in the future when you look back on some of the things you are wearing right now; however, as long as you love it at this moment, none of this matters. Although you might end up being photographed in something you will later regret, this is all part of the fun of growing up. Trust us, we have all been there!