Four different types of window glass

Are you renewing your glazing? If so, you might not be aware of the different types of glass that are now available and their dedicated uses. Do you know your toughened glass from your safety glass? Here are four different window types and where to use them.

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Toughened or tempered glass

This is the standard glass used in double glazing units. Built to withstand most impacts, this type of glass is four to five times stronger than standard thanks to the manufacturing process. Standard glass is heated to temperatures around 650 degrees Celsius when it softens before being rapidly cooled.

The resulting toughened glass won’t break easily. If it does, it shatters into tiny blunt pieces rather than lethal shards, making it much safer.

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Laminate or security glass

This type of safety glass uses similar technology to your car windscreen. The ultra-strong bond between the sheets of glass that is formed by polyvinyl butyral makes it the ideal choice when you have security concerns.

Safety glass should always be used for all sidelights and windows Cheltenham or beyond within 400mm of a door. If you feel your home is vulnerable to burglars, security glass is a smart choice.

Solar control glass

If you want to control solar gain within your home, solar control glass is the answer. This stops you from sweltering in the summer and uses PVB plus solar reflective coatings to control the heat your home absorbs.

By controlling the reflection of the sun’s radiation back into the atmosphere, absorption of heat by the glass, and direct transmission of the sun’s radiation through the glass, you can create a comfortable atmosphere.

If you’re installing windows like those at in a conservatory, ask about solar control glass. This will keep your home cool in the summer thanks to advances in solar control technology.

Self-cleaning glass

This type of glass has a special photocatalytic coating that helps organically break up dirt particles. This coating is also hydrophilic, meaning that water simply sheets away from the surface without leaving any droplets or smears.

Although this type of glass doesn’t totally eradicate the need for cleaning, it does significantly reduce it. Your windows will also stay clearer for longer, giving an attractive appearance to your property. Modern developments in glass technology can help you create a secure, low-maintenance and beautiful home.