More of the latest interior decorating tips from the pros

If you would like to create a stunning environment in every room, check out our interior decorating tips.

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We spend a lot of money decorating our homes, so it is important to ensure your money is well spent.

Don’t forget the ceiling

Rooms with ceiling to floor cabinets can often look smaller. Paint your ceiling a couple of shades lighter than your walls and you will notice a real difference.

Mix gold and silver

Gold and silver are not usually seen together, but they should be. Find some gold and silver accessories for your rooms. They look so smart and classy together, creating a beautiful environment.

Pile on the pillows

One of two pillows on a sofa can look empty. For a cosy feel and to improve the look of your room, add two pairs of pillows that complement each other to your sofa.

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Be practical

Note the available space in each room and maximise its potential; for example, don’t clutter a room with a double bed if it isn’t needed.

If you have children or pets, consider investing in some laminate flooring. Companies such as can advise you on the best for your home.

Change your dining room seating

Gone are the days of small dining room chairs with patterned cushions; now, it is all about adding some dining room benches. These are comfortable and enhance social occasions by encouraging people to share seats.