How To Choose Curtains and Blinds

Blinds and curtains are about so much more than just creating privacy at night when they’re closed. They are also a way of maintaining privacy during the day, keeping heat in, and adding to the look of the overall room. Give your window dressings as much thought and consideration as you would your soft furnishings.

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Getting the fabric right is the biggest step, and that includes whether you choose blinds or curtains. You can choose off-the-shelf options, but by opting for made-to-measure varieties, you can pick the perfect match to go with the rest of the décor. Try swatches, and get an idea of how the material will hang and move. Take your time and do some research to get a real picture of the sort of things you like.


There are lots of tricks to make the most of your windows. Hanging curtains higher than the window can add height to the room. Putting the blind inside the window space avoids encroaching into the room. Consider the services of an interior designer to help put together tracks, shutters, pelmets and poles.

Blinds and curtains are also a possibility, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds. You’ll get privacy from a blind that shuts out what’s going on outside and keeps in the warmth while adding a delicate, softer finish from curtains around the frame. A voile curtain offers a lighter finish, but a heavier fabric like velvet can produce a very luxurious feel.

Make it a real investment, not only in the dressings, but also on the windows themselves. Quality double glazing can make a huge difference to the security and warmth of your home. For top-quality Dublin windows and doors, consult a specialist retailer like Keane Windows at Choose something you really love that has a classic design or finish, and it will be timeless.

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For more ideas on how to dress beautiful windows, visit House Beautiful online.

Another option would be to “go bold” and create a real focal point. Windows are a wonderful opportunity to make a real statement in a room and have it truly reflect your style and personality. If a bold pattern is too much on its own, consider adding a border or lining in an accent colour to tie the whole room together.